High-speed laser cutting machine

Acceleration: 2.8G

Adaptable power:12000W      Working Area: 1550*3050mm

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High power high speed laser cutter details

high speed laser cutter, acceleration up to 2.8G

GPX series high speed laser cutter is equipped with high power acceleration motor, acceleration up to 2.8G, with extraordinary speed up ability.

Metal fiber laser machine adopts plate welding bed + ladder type multi-segment transverse support, with high load-bearing characteristics, even if the very fast cutting speed is not shaking.

Aviation aluminum profile beam is light in weight, fast in speed up, stable in pressure resistance, and guaranteed in precision.

transverse air extraction port

The laser cutting machine is set up with transverse air extraction port to increase the dust extraction area, so that the smoke and dust on both sides and in the middle of the machine can be instantly extracted during the processing, improving the shortcomings of the traditional small area of the air extraction port on both sides.

XTlaser’s patented innovative technology – top air dusting pressurization system, blowing downward from the top of the metal cover to enhance the dust extraction capacity, making the production process more environmentally friendly.

hydraulic lifting and exchanging table

The whole machine is equipped with hydraulic lifting and exchanging table, lifting and alternating, after the metal plate processing is completed, the material is discharged to the lifting table, the second table enters into the processing area, and the two table tops finish exchanging.

The same table height, no need to repeat the positioning after exchange, improve processing efficiency.


Model XT-GP1530X
Working Area 1550×3050mm
Max Linkage Speed 180m/min
Max Acceleration 2.8G
Positional Accuracy ±0.05mm
Re-positional Accuracy ±0.03mm
Adapted Power 12000W

Application Fields

laser format laser cutting machine in Architectural Decoration

Architectural Decoration

The field of architectural decoration places special demands on material diversity and cutting results. High-speed laser cutting machines can efficiently cut metal curtain walls, decorative panels and interior decorative parts, offering a wealth of design possibilities and high-quality cutting results.

laser cutting machine in medical

Medical Devices

The manufacture of medical devices requires a high degree of precision and cleanliness. Our high-speed laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting a wide range of medical materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloys for the production of surgical instruments, implants and medical device components, ensuring high quality and reliability.

laser cutting machine in Metal Processing

Metal Processing

Laser cutting machines play an important role in the metal processing industry. Whether it is steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel or copper, this high speed laser cutting machine can achieve high precision and high speed cutting to meet the manufacturing needs of various complex parts.

Laser Cutting Samples

metal sheet laser cutting machine samples

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