GP Series

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

8000W-40000W Optional

Processing Sizes 3015/4020/6020/6025mm Are Available

High Power Laser Cutter Excellent Performance


The GP series high-power sheet metal laser cutting machine is equipped with a full metal enclosure and a positive and negative pressure dust removal system, ensuring environmental protection and pollution-free production.

High Efficiency

The GP series laser cutter is equipped with a high-power laser. With high energy density, it can quickly penetrate thick metal materials, reducing processing time and improving production efficiency.

Wide-ranging Applications

The GP series laser cutter can cut sheet metal, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, and other various metal materials. It is suitable for workpieces of different shapes and thicknesses.

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Details

GP high power laser cutter-laser head

High-Performance Laser Cutting Head

XTLASER’s GP series laser cutting head provides a stable high-energy laser beam for fast cutting and penetration. The advanced positioning system ensures precise alignment of the beam with the workpiece, achieving precise cutting.

high power laser cutting machine table

Dual Plate Welded Bed

The bed is made of high-quality steel, with precise welding and heat treatment, ensuring a sturdy machine structure. With dual processing tables, it can meet the demand for large-size steel sheet laser cutting, improving efficiency.

high power laser cutting machine control system

Intelligent Control System

The advanced control system integrates control technology and human-machine interface, making operations simple yet powerful. The system also supports integration into automated production lines, achieving intelligent production management and optimization.

GP high power laser cutter-beam

Lightweight Aluminum Profile Beam

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, the beam is lightweight yet sturdy, reducing machine weight. Additionally, through rational design, stability, and precision are ensured during metal cutting processes.


Working Area1510×3050mm2010×4050mm2010×6050mm2510×6050mm2510×8050mm2510×13050mm
Pallet Exchange Time20S25S35S35S40S70S
Max Linkage Speed160m/min160m/min160m/min160m/min160m/min160m/min
Max Acceleration1.5G1.5G1.5G1.5G1.5G1.5G
Positional Accuracy±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.05mm
Re-positional Accuracy±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm

Application Fields

laser cutting machine in automobiles


High power laser cutting machines are widely used in cutting body parts, chassis components, and welding preparation in the automotive industry, improving production efficiency and automotive quality, and advancing automotive manufacturing technology.

laser cutter in Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery

Whether for steel plate processing or customized parts, laser cutting machines can meet the diverse needs of the construction machinery industry, improving part quality and efficiency, and boosting the development of the construction machinery industry.

laser cutting machine in Steel Structures

Steel Structures

If you need to process steel components or realize customized designs, steel sheet laser cutting technology can provide precise processing and personalized design for steel structure buildings, driving innovation in the steel structure industry.

Laser Cutting Samples

metal sheet laser cutting machine samples

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