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Problems and solutions in the use of laser marking machine

Laser marking machines are divide CO2 laser marking machines, semiconductor laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines and YAG laser marking machines. At present, laser marking machines are mainly use in some occasions requiring finer and higher precision.
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The laser marking machine occasionally has problems. If the problem cannot be solved in time, it may affect the delivery time of the product, Today I’m here to teach you some common problems and solutions in the use of laser marking machine

1 There are several reasons and solutions for the lack of light
firstly.The light path screws of the whole machine are loose and need to be tightened.

secondly. Whether there is too much dust in the gun body to prevent the gun endoscope from being injured. If found, the gun endoscope must be replaced.

thirdly. When the chiller is turned on for a long time without turning on the laser power and lighting, it will cause freezing and no light. You need to turn off the power system of the whole machine for 1 hour and then restart it.

forthly. The lamp must be replaced if the lamp is aging or the laser power drops.
2: Common computer problems
There are several problems
1. Check whether the graphics during processing are complicated.
2. Do not connect the online computer to the Internet cable, it is a separate control laser system.

3. Running slowly, please don’t be too impatient at this time to avoid crash.

4. Please pay attention to prevent viruses to prevent system errors.