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Preparation before you receive the cutter

1.Preparation before get cutter – Nitrogen
At least 2-3 bottles of nitrogen.We will save the parameters in the computer,

but the sheet model and purity is different in different country.
Just adjust the parameter slightly, and we also provide you after sale service.

2.Preparation Alcohol, Pure water
Purity is 99.99%, if we need change the lens of laser head, we need to use it.
And in your future using, you also need it to clean the lens.
Water chiller need pure water, not normal .

The water in the chiller must be pure water, otherwise it will reduce the service of life.

It is important to extend the service life of fiber laser cutting machine.

3.Preparation  The suitable industry voltage
Based on your local voltage, we add a transformer and stabilizer.

It is very important to ensure the machine is running normally.

4.Preparation Lubricating oil
Automatic lubricating system make sure the guide rail and rack to move smoothly.

We should always keep oil can  full. Automatic lubricating system makes all the machine body move smoothly.

It ensure the cutting accuracy.

5. Preparation before get cutter – Tools
Such as wrench, pliers, electric drill, preparing for installation of machine. It is convenient for the

smooth installation of fiber laser cutting machine.

1530H fiber laser cutting machine

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