Precise Mini fiber laser jewelry cutting machine-Nancy

Precise Mini fiber laser jewelry cutting machine-Nancy

Precise Mini fiber laser jewelry cutting machine-Nancy

Today, one of customer leaved messages on my Facebook, he need jewelry fiber laser marking machine.

So pls check as below.

Firstly, deep engrave metal and hopefully cut up to 14 gauge….all types, silver, stainless, pewter, bronze, etc.

Yes, it can do deep engraving on all of the metals,thats no problem.
And when cutting,it just can cut silver,gold and brass.Others is not available.
50watt laser power can cut 2mm gold,1.2mm silver and brass,thats the maximum cutting thickness.

Secondly,I’d like to be able to do 3D and I need it to do tiny work, like letters so that it’s legible.

Yes, we also have 3D machine,could you send us your 3D samples picture for reference?

For letters tiny work,there are too many customers have the same requirements,thats no problem.

Thirdly, for rotary.

Thats necessary for jewelry customers, need to mark rings.inside or outside.

Jewelry fiber laser engraving machine
Fourthly, for most jewelry customers,they are new for the laser machine, but we are a machine factory, will do the best for you.
Before the machine shipping, we will save the parameters on computer,when you get the machine, its easy to operate.

So do you need any testing? we can make it for you.

Fifthly, the packaging box is strong? Do I need to order an additional crate?

Yes, you do not worry about the packaging, we use the standard exporting wooden box, its stronger enough.

Finally, if you have any questions, just contact us.


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