Precise fiber laser metal cutting-Nancy

Precise fiber laser metal cutting-Nancy

Precise fiber laser metal cutting-Nancy.

Here precise laser cutting performed in the same way as a traditional milling machine. Both techniques allow cutting on X, Y and Z axes that apply to cutting mechanisms. Meanwhile, a milling machine uses a drill to create cuts, a laser cutter uses a high-energy laser.

Laser cutting is the easiest for the product, allowing cutting to start at the edge of the material. Most precision laser cutters have both piercing and continuous wave cutting capabilities. Pierce holes often add a few seconds of production time to each part and should be avoided if possible.

Laser cutting offers many advantages over traditional metal cutting techniques because laser cutting produces no physical contact with the cut materials. As a result, laser cutting provides improved accuracy and can cut complex shapes. Other benefits include consistency across a wide range of parts, partial deformation, and the ability to quickly create design changes. In addition, the risk of injury will be smaller.

Laser cutting equipment

Laser cutting machines have two types: CO2 gas and solid state Nd: YAG. CO2 laser interesting activity of atoms contained in a mixture of CO2 that resides in the laser chamber. When excited the electrons in the molecule expel some of their energy in the form of light energy. The result is a high-temperature laser beam that melts, evaporates, or burns contact points created with the facility.

Carbon dioxide laser cutters create continuous waves into higher powers than Nd: YAG lasers. They are also quite power efficient, continuous wave outputs for industrial CO2 laser cutting machines ranging from a few milliwatt (mW) and a few hundred kW (kW). A current radio frequency or can be used to stir CO2 mixtures. RF resonance is less prone to erode electrodes and is therefore more common.

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