Perfect fiber laser engraving machine:Claudia

Perfect fiber laser engraving machine

Perfect fiber laser engraving machine.

Today,one of my agent ask about some questions about the fiber laser engraving machine,that will help you to find a suitable solution.

Questions as below:

Firstly,Make and model of head 2d

Secondly,Make and model of 3d head if you can use it

Thirdly,Do you have a model with a 3D head?

Fourthly,Brand and laser source model and detailed technical data

Fifthly,CE certificate

Finally,lens models and marking field with cost

First of all,For 2D and 3D machine:

Yes,we have the both 2D and 3D machine.

Usually,for 2D laser head,we use the SINO brand,its stable brand in China.

For 3D laser head,we use the Feeltek brand,its professional in the field of 3D field,and it has different model for CO2 laser and Fiber laser,and the area is different,and the function is different,it depends on your customers requirements.

You can take a reference on this website:

You also can see the below videos:

For 2D machine,the marking area(means the lens) usually with 70*70mm,100*100mm,175*175mm,200*200mm,300*300mm,the price of the whole machine is the same.

For 3D machine,the marking area is different,the price also different,when you make sure the area and function,we will offer you the best price.

Next,for laser source,we use Raycus,IPG and JPT.

Raycus is No.1 brand in China,lower failure rate,compare to IPG,its also stable,but with a cost-effective price.
IPG is the No.1 brand in the world,you know,we also need to import the IPG from German,there are the importing tax and so the price is higher.
JPT is special for color marking and anodized aluminium black color marking,like iPhone IMEI marking.

Like our other agents,they prefer to choose Raycus brand,cause the stable quality,and good price to open market.

And we have to tell you,there are many suppliers cheat customers use some copy brand,we shame on them.
For our machine parts,each one has the original S/N,to prove it is copyright.

Then, for rotary,there are different sizes,50mm,80mm,100mm.

Like 50mm,is usually to mark rings in the field of jewelry.

For 80mm and 100mm,like the video i sent you,usually to mark the cylinders,cups,the pipes,and for guns barrels,etc.

Finally,for spare parts:

Actually for fiber laser marking machine,there is no any spare parts,thats also why more and more customers prefer it.

And we understand that,you have a longer thinking of the cooperation.
Maybe your customer need some spare parts,when the machine with some problems,you need to send them the new one ASAP.

So if you want to know more,just contact us:


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