What should i pay attention to when use laser power ?-Angelina | XTLASER

What should i pay attention to when use laser power ?-Angelina

What should i pay attention to when use laser power ?

Laser power is a very important component in laser cutting machines.

And it supplies power to the laser tube to ensure that the laser tube is properly illuminating.

However, laser power is also very prone to damage.

If there is a problem with laser power supply, the power supply needs to replace if light.

And we need to replace the laser tube if the problem is heavy.

At first, Laser power enclosure needs to be grounded normally.

Secondly, since the  power supply powers the pump, the voltage inside is very high.

And non-professional electricians cannot open the case without authorization.

Thirdly, there is a high voltage in the box.

After power-on, the hand can’t touch the metal part of the device.

Before replacing the internal components of the power box, we should completely discharge the positive and negative poles of the storage capacitor  after turning off the power.

After the voltage file confirms that there is no voltage, proceed to the next replacement or repair measures.

Fourthly,if the laser tube bursts, high-voltage ignition, etc.

We should disconnect the power  immediately to avoid the laser power supply being implicated.

Fifthly,The voltage of the power supply must match the power of the connected laser tube.

If it does not match, it may break down the laser tube or cause high voltage ignition or short circuit.

Please ask if you are matching an existing laser tube or power supply when purchasing a laser tube or  power supply.