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Options in jewelry industry of fiber laser marker-Angelina

Options in jewelry industry of fiber laser marker

We have met with many customers from jewelry industry asking for the fiber laser marker.

For the fiber laser marking machine, it has wide application in the jewelry industry.

It could both mark and cut the gold and silver , so many customers would like to this one.

But here is some tips we want to tell the customers here for choosing the machine.

Hope it could bring u some help.

1.The IPG Laser source

For the jewelry industry, we usually advise the customer to use the IPG laser source.

Raycus is not suitable for the long time cutting.

For the cutting work, the customer usually use the 100% power so that saving the time.

This way could improve the working efficiency.

2.The rotary device

For the customer from jewelry industry, the customer often ask for marking on the ring.

In this situation, the customer  need the 50mm rotary device for marking inside and outside.

This rotary device could help clamp the rings and achieve good marking outcome.

rotary device for jewelry industry

3.The clamping device

We design special clamping device for our fiber laser marker.

This device could help clamp the customer material, avoiding the dust.

The jewelry industry customer has high requirements for the environment.

Using this equipment could keep the products clean.

fiber laser marker

4.Smoke exhaust

There must be much smoke during the machine working.

It would make the customer feel uncomfortable.

Then we advise the  customer to choose this equipment.

What we advice is the conyson brand smoke exhaust, which is popular in the market.

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