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Operating environment of Fiber laser cutting machine

Operating environment of Fiber laser cutting machine.

Due to the special nature of the laser cutting machine, the environmental requirements are relatively high. According to our visits, some customers have not paid much attention to the use of the environment. Many machine failures may occur, affecting normal production activities. Then this article will take everyone to understand the environment is suitable for the laser cutting machine.
First, the laser cutting machine is a precision machine, so it cannot be in a humid environment. The humid environment will make the circuit wet and aging. And if circuit failure, may affect laser rust and other problems.

Secondly, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the voltage. In actual production, if the voltage is unstable, it will cause the light emitting from the laser to be unstable, which will not only affect the cutting effect but also the service life of the machine. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the laser cutting machine, we must strictly pay attention to the environment in which the machine need.

The laser cutting machine produces less noise during processing. And because the cutting method is more environmentally friendly, it will not produce oil pollution, and the auxiliary cutting gas nitrogen and oxygen are also pollution-free, which meets China’s requirements for environmental protection. Not only that, laser cutting technology greatly improve the efficiency of sheet metal processing, less loss of production materials, and higher resource utilization efficiency.

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