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How To Operate A Laser Cutting Machine Correctly?

As a high-tech product,A laser cutting machine is more and more popular in the processing of the entire machinery industry. Thus, how to use the laser cutting machine correctly and safely is the main concern of the customers. Below are some guidelines from XT Laser:


  1. Observe the operating instructions of the laser cutting machine, and strictly follow the procedures to start the machine.
  2. laser cutting machine manufacturer must train the personnel who operate the equipment before taking up their jobs。
  3. When processing metals, the operator must wear the necessary protective equipment, such as protective glasses, etc.
  4. Never use laser for irradiation and processing before clarifying the processing materials.
  5. After the laser cutting machine starting, a full-time personnel must be present to prevent unauthorized departure. If you need to leave, you should turn off the equipment。
  6. In the vicinity of the laser cutting machine, there should be a hand-held or other kinds of fire extinguisher.
  7. Stop the machine immediately once abnormal occurs during processing and ask the specialist for detection.
  8. Clean the laser cutting machine equipment in time after production, and prepare for the next processing.
  9. Regular inspection of laser tubes, auxiliary gas and other consumables are required.
  10. When the laser cutting machine is working, one should pay attention to observe whether any part of the machine is abnormal. Safe production is something that every enterprise must master.

Only by mastering the normal use of the laser cutting machine can it create more value for the enterpris.

The above is part of the safe operation of the laser cutting machine, please refer to the instruction manual of the laser cutting machine for details. To know more about laser cutting machine, please follow XT Laser.

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