Note For Using Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Cathy

note of using fiber laser cutting machine

Note For Using Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Cathy

Note 1. Make sure you connect the power socket good and connect the ground wire good too.

Note 2. Make sure that the working voltage of the chiller is stable and normal.

As water chiller is more sensitive to the power supply voltage, the normal working voltage of standard products is 200 ~ 250V (110 ~ 130V for 100 ~ 130V). So if you really need a wider operating voltage range, you can customize it separately.

Note 3. Mismatch of power frequency will cause machine damage. Please use the 50Hz or 60Hz model according to the actual situation.

Note 4. To protect the water chiller, please don’t run without water. when pack the machine, the water chiller should be empty. Please ensure that the water chiller is filled with water before starting up, otherwise the chiller will go broken easily.

And when the water level of the water chiller is below the normal range of the water level gauge, the cooling capacity of the chiller will drop slightly. Please ensure that the water level of the chiller is within the normal range of the water level gauge.

Note 5. Make sure that the chiller’s inlet and outlet channels are smooth.

The air outlet of the chiller must be more than 1250mm away from the obstacle, and the air inlet must be more than 500mm away from the obstacle.

Note 6. You should clean the air inlet of the filter regularly.

Also you should remove and wash the air filter regularly. Serious blockage of the air filter will cause the chiller to malfunction.

Note 7. Please pay attention to the influence of condensation water.

When the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature and the ambient humidity is high, condensed water will be generated on the circulating water pipe and the surface of the device to be cooled. When the above situation occurs, recommend to increase the water temperature or heat preservation of the water pipe and the cooled device.

Note 8. This product is industrial equipment, please do not allow non-professionals to operate it.