nLIGHT laser source for high-reflective metal,brass,aluminum–Jill

nLIGHT laser source for high-reflective metal,brass,aluminum

Frstly,Here we introduce the nLIGHT laser source for you.

Generally speaking,Now 3 laser source popular in China market:Raycus,IPG and nLIGHT.

Firstly,Raycus is No.1 in China;Secondly,IPG is No.1 in World.nLIGHT is No.1 for high reflective metal cutting.

Firstly,Raycus and IPG

1.For carbon steel and stainless steel,Raycus and IPG is ok.


2.For aluminum,brass,gold,silver,u should choose nLIGHT.

3.Here is the reason why you should choose nLIGHT
1)Firstly,for fiber laser cutting machine,aluminum,brass,gold,silver is high-reflective material.
When cut high-reflective material,sheet will reflect the laser light back to laser source and laser head.
Therefore the laser source will be damaged and machine lifetime is reduced a lot.

2)Secondly,inside nLIGHT laser source,it has special light blocking module.
It protect the laser source well.

3)Besides,it can also cut carbon steel and stainless steel with a good quality.

Therefore,If you always cut  high-reflective material,nLIGHT laser source is the best choice for you.

What’s more,For aluminum cutting,pls check this article

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