MOPA mini type fiber laser marking machine -Karina | XTLASER

MOPA mini type fiber laser marking machine -Karina

MOPA mini type fiber laser marking machine

Firstly, About laser source:

JPT brand MOPA series has M1 and M6. M1 pulse width 6-200ns; M6 pulse width 2-200ns.

For sure, M6 price is more expensive than M1.

Then,  the difference is M6 speed on marking black color on anodized Aluminum more faster,
marking colors on SS is more fresher. So You can choose according to your need.

Then, now, JPT brand MOPA series has 30w popular.

 Secondly, Machine details:

a.30w JPT laser source:

b.100*100mm/200*200mm/300*300mm (200*200mm suitable for color marking)
c.Sino gavlo head
And,original EZCAD software (support win7/8/10,64bits)
Then,extra red points (easy for find focus)
Also,Lenovo laptop ( if shipping by air,will without battery)
Besides,LED Lamp
*2D working tables ( can adjust X and Y axis)
*2 years warranty for full machine
*Online after sales service support
*delivery time:3-5 working days

Thirdly, About machine price:
30w M1 at FOB 6800 USD;
30w M6 at FOB 8100 USD.

Forth, About marking area:
Marking area depends F-lens,we have 100*100mm/200*200mm/300*300mm F-lens.
You need do depth and marking color, so we suggest you chose 2 F-lens.
a.100*100mm F-lens suitable for depth engraving, because the smaller the range of the F-lens,
the stronger the laser, the greater the concentrated energy, and the deep carving effect is better.
b.200*200mm F-lens suitable for marking color, because marking color need to setting parameter for color,
200*200 F-lens is easy to adjust parameter.

Hope my solution can help you .Then, any question please contact me.