What is Mopa laser marking machine?—Tony | XTLASER

What is Mopa laser marking machine?—Tony

What is Mopa laser marking machine?

What is Mopa laser marking machine?  As a sales person, for this question, I was often asked. So what is the Mopa laser on earth? I will give all the persons who read my blog a best answer.

Mopa principle

Mopa is a name of laser source type. The difference between Mopa and regular fiber laser marking machine is not too big. Because, Mopa is fiber laser in principle. But Mopa’s pulse is adjustable. But for regular fiber laser machine, the laser source’s pulse is fixed. However both of them are fiber laser, the only difference in principle is whether it adjust the pulse.

Thus, why people design a laser source that could adjust laser pulse? What is it used for?

Since people can adjust the laser pulse, then it achieves multi-color marking on metal materials.

Like the video below, We used Mopa to coloring mark stainless steel.

Mopa Functions

But as you can see, the speed of color marking is very slow.  So what other advantage make Mopa still occupy the laser marking market?

At present, the aluminium oxide is a general materials for smart phone case. The Mopa laser is very good to do it. If use the regular fiber laser source to mark aluminium oxide. It won’t mark black on it. You will see it is the grey color if you see at the front.  But if you see from two sides,  it will turn to black. And you can feel burr on the material surface. But using Mopa laser, these questions will be gone.

And  If you bought a Mopa marking machine. You just set the pulse be fixed. Then the machine will become a fiber laser marking machine. Then it will enhance the speed of marking. So the Mopa laser machine could become a regular laser marking machine. So that is why, price of Mopa will higher than fiber laser. Mopa laser machine has more functions.

In short, XT laser use the mopa laser source from JPT and Raycus in general. If you do interested in our machine.


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