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MOPA Laser marking machine

MOPA Laser marking machine is one of the best-selling laser marking equipment produced by General Purpose Lasers.Some people call it aluminum alloy black, stainless steel color laser equipment, because it can be in aluminum oxide, aluminum alloy on the easy black, in stainless steel above color, other laser equipment can not do this.MOPA Laser marking machine adopts direct electrically modulated semiconductor laser as laser source (MOPA) fiber laser, which has excellent laser characteristics and reasonable pulse shape control capability.Let’s take a look at MOPA laser marking machines in various industries.

what is MOPA laser
what is MOPA laser.laser mopa is what

1, aluminum alloy, anodic alumina black

Using laser to mark black LOGO, model, text, bar code, etc. on the surface of anodized alumina material, this application has gradually been widely used in the shell of electronic products by many manufacturers in recent years, used to mark black LOGO, model, date, batch number, bar code, two-dimensional code, vector drawing, etc..For such applications, only the MOPA laser can currently process them.As the MOPA laser has a wide pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment range, different shades of black can be printed on the material surface with narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters, and different color effects can also be printed through different parameter combinations.

2, aluminum oxide sheet surface stripping

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, nowadays electronic products are more and more thin and portable to take the market competitive advantage. Many mobile phones, tablets and computers use thin and thin aluminum oxide as the shell of products.The MOPA laser can take advantage of the parameter of smaller pulse width, that is, the material will not deform, and the engraved shading will be fine, bright and smooth.This is because the MOPA laser marking machine USES the parameter of small pulse width to make the laser stay on the material surface for a shorter time and has enough energy to clear the anode layer. Therefore, for the anodizing process of thin aluminum oxide plate surface, MOPA laser marking machine is favored by a large number of users.


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