Mini enclosed fiber laser marker in European market-Ariel

Mini enclosed fiber laser marker in European market

This article is about mini enclosed fiber laser marker in European market.We have many clients in Europe,hope it will help you.

We have many type fiber laser marking machine.Such as mini split marking machine,mini enclosed marking machine,big enclosed laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine and handheld fiber laser marking machine.But in European market,full enclosed model will be more popular.Full enclosed type is a little big so most of our European clients like to choose.

1.About the machine size

We also have big enclosed model can be chose. But it has a large size so you will pay more the shipping cost. But the size of mini enclosed type is 500*830*883mm, it is suitable for DHL door to door delivery or by air.

2.About the machine parts

Firstly, laser source.

For fiber laser marker, we use Raycus or IPG brand , all the famous brand.The common laser power is 20w,30w,50w. You can choose the suitable laser power according the detailed demands.

Secondly, galvo head

We use Sino brand galvo head, the best brand in China.

Thirdly, F-theta lens.

We use wavelength F-theta lens, a famous and best brand in Singapore.

Fourthly, control board

We use the BJJCZ original control board-EZCAD. Nowadays, there are many pirated software in the market. Pls confirm the original one.Original control board support win7, 8,10 and 64 bit.But copay version can only support win 7 and 32 bit.

Fifthly, laptop

We use Lenovo brand laptop, or you can choose the HP laptop. We all use win 10 system. Or you can use your own laptop.

sixthly, electric lift column.

Our mini model and desktop model all use manual lift column, but we use the electric lift column in the mini enclosed type.So you can control it in the software.

3.About the machine advantages

Firstly, High safety level, class 4;

Secondly, easy to operate;

Thirdly, fashion look

If you are interested in our this model,pls feel free to contact me to get more machine details.

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