Method for preventing radiation of laser cutting machine-June

Method for preventing radiation of laser cutting machine

Method for preventing radiation of laser cutting machine
Radiation is ubiquitous for people, and the computers, cell phones, hair dryers, and copiers we use often have radiation. Radiation is sized, and proper self-protection measures are taken to prevent the radiation from harming itself. However, what I am introducing today is about the radiation of the laser cutting machine. How to protect myself and avoid the radiation damage of the laser cutting machine?

First,the eye

Generally, the new contact laser cutting machine likes to stare at the cutting head. If you look at the spark generated by cutting for a long time, it will hurt your eyes and have a tingling sensation. The characteristics of the laser emitted by the laser cutting machine during processing can make the energy highly concentrated in space and time. Focusing on the retina through the refractive medium of the eye to form an image, so that the energy density on the retina is increase 104-105 ; the laser monochromaticity is good, and the color difference in the fundus is small. Irrespectively causing very low laser energy exposure can cause damage to the cornea or retina of the eye.

Second, skin

When the laser shines on the skin, if the energy (power) is too large, it can cause skin damage. Of course, the damage can be repaire

by the tissue. Although the function is reduce, it does not affect the overall functional structure. It may burn and stay. Although the damage to the eyes is much lighter, it must also be given high priority.

Third,  breathing

The high temperature generated by the laser cooperates with the gas to complete various processing, and at the same time, a large amount of dust is generated. Especially when processing some special metal materials, the generated smoke contains a lot of chemical components, and the dust is suspended in the air. Harmful to the human body.

How to avoid the damage caused by fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Necessary laser cutting machine protection equipment, wearing protective glasses to prevent laser damage to the human eye. Other people in the work area should not look directly at the laser when cutting.
2, operators should pay attention to eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamins AC and protein, often drink some green tea, etc., because these foods can help humans better maintain their eyes, Allows the human body to better maintain the human body under the conditions of laser cutting machine radiation.

3, to have a matching dust removal device, try to operate in a smooth air environment, try to wear a mask.

4. When arranging the cutting site, paint the site and wall surface of the working environment to darken to reduce the radiation.

5, do not immediately touch the finished parts to avoid residual temperature burns.