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Method of cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

Users after purchase the optical fiber laser cutting machine is to improve the cutting quality.

But in the process of cutting tend to consider the cost savings, some even save the perfection.

Such as auxiliary gas is not pure, and so on.

And eventually lead to the power attenuation problem sometimes when considering the profit.

While ignoring the thickness and output power of fiber laser cutting machine can cut the problem here.

It explains some of the methods of how to improve the quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine.

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Cutting Speed

Laser cutting too fast or too slow can get excellent cutting quality.

Therefore can not only consider to improve the work efficiency and speed up the cutting speed.

Cutting or think slow such misunderstanding can get a good cutting quality.

People choose medium cutting speed to achieve excellent cutting quality.

It need to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the factory operation in the process of cutting, the control of laser cutting technology

Laser Output Power

The higher the output power of fiber laser cutting machine, cutting the thickness of the material applicable scope is wide, the quality of the corresponding cutting will be better.

So the user must be clear in the early stage of the process of choose and buy the thickness of the material types.

Such as cutting quality to avoid unable to cut or not want another laser cutting pattern and material of alignment is higher, the better cutting quality

Material surface roughness

We all know that optical fiber laser cutting machine flexible manufacturing methods.

It is not restricted by the shape, but it is limited by surface roughness to achieve perfect effect of cutting surface more smooth cutting quality will be better.

So the stability of the machine tool is also very important, need to make sure that laser cutting work environment.