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Applications of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Laser Cutting Machine in the Sheet Metal Processing Industry 

The metal cnc laser cutting machine is a major change in the field of sheet metal processing. Due to the high level of flexibility, fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency, and short product cycle. Sheet metal laser cutting machine have become an indispensable machine in the sheet metal processing industry. On the one hand, the laser cutting machine has no deformation or tool wear during processing. No matter what kind of part it is, it can be cut precisely and rapidly with a laser cutting machine. On the other hand, the gap cut by the metal laser cutter is often narrow, and the cutting quality is good. And the automation level is high. In addition. The use of metal cutting machine will also reduce the labor intensity of the staff. And it will not pollute the environment.

Metal Laser Cutter in the Advertising Production Industry

In the advertising production industry, usually using more metal materials. However, the traditional advertising material processing equipment does not have good processing accuracy and cutting surface when processing advertising fonts and other materials. Resulting in an amazing probability of rework. It not only wastes a lot of costs, but also greatly reduces work efficiency. If using metal cnc laser cutting machine to process advertising materials. It not only can the above-mentioned series of problems be effectively, and the effect of advertising materials can be perfectly presented. But also the production and processing efficiency can be greatly improved, and the real low investment and high return can be achieved.


CNC Metal Laser Cutter in the Kitchenware Processing Industry

In the kitchenware processing industry. A large number of sheet metal panels are usually used for range hoods and gas appliances. When these sheet metal panels are processed by traditional processing methods. The work efficiency is often very low. And the mold consumption is high. And the use cost is high. It not only consumes a lot of manpower. material resources and financial resources. But also restricts the development of new products. The cnc metal laser cutter can solve these problems. When processing kitchenware products. The laser processing equipment has extremely fast cutting speed and extremely high cutting precision, which not only greatly improves the production and processing efficiency. But also effectively improves the yield of range hoods and gas appliance