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How to mark a photo with laser marking machine?-Ariel

How to mark a photo with laser marking machine?

Do you want to mark a photo with laser marking machine?This article is about how to mark a photo with laser marking machine.

While engraved photos are exceptionally popular, engravers sometimes have difficulty achieving the desired look on the medium they’re working with. Before engraving wedding photos – or any photograph for that matter – it’s important to understand how the process works.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not EVERY photo is going to engrave well. So, what makes a ideal for engraving?

Shading: Make sure you have a variety of colors from light to dark within your photo. A single color photo that has a lot of sky won’t provide much visual interest when engraved, and neither will one with large dark areas, such as a couple standing in the shadows. While it may look visually interesting when printed, it will lose a lot of that detail when engraved.

Close-Up Subjects: Your photo’s composition is an integral part to the quality of the etching. The most spectacular engravings are often of the couple in the foreground. The engagement  of the couple holding hands in the meadow looks great artistically, but will lose detail when etched on wood.

Your view of a laser engraving system may be of an intimidating piece of machinery that takes hours to program and takes up a lot of room in your workspace, but the fact is laser systems have evolved to the point that they are basically operated like your printer, and aren’t much bigger than one either. Operating the laser is truly as simple as taking your digital photograph into your preferred design program and printing it to the laser.

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