Marking on plastic-Wilson

Marking on the plastic

Do you know what laser marking machine could mark on plastic?marking on the plastic is what marking machine did.

The answer is fibre laser marker, CO2 laser marker,UV laser marker.

Firstly, lets to see the fibre laser marker.

fibre laser marker could mark most metal and some plastic.metal include CS,SS,Brass,Aluminum,Silver,gold…

Plastic include:ABS,PVC,PP…

Secondly, CO2 laser marking machine,sometimes,CO2 could mark on most of non-metal materials,such as wood,bamboo,acrylic,leather,rubber,and plastic:ABS,PP..

But do you know what is the difference of fibre laser and CO2 laser marking effect?

fibre laser could mark black colour on plastic,but Co2 can not mark colour on plastic.

mark on the plastic
mark on the plastic and metal-fibre
Co2 marking on acrylic
Co2 marking on acrylic

At last,UV laser could also mark on plastic,and the marking effect would be much better.

So you could know what machine you can chose and what material you could mark.

Firstly,Let us look at the fiber laser marking,the wavelength is 1064 nm.

Fiber lasers have become a hot topic in laser physics research,

and it is unanimously recognized as a new generation of products that completely replace solid-state lasers.

Fiber laser marking machines use laser beams to mark permanent surfaces on a variety of different materials.

The effect of marking is to expose deep substances by evaporation of surface substances,

or to “engraving” traces by chemical or physical changes of surface substances caused by light energy,

or to burn off some substances by light energy to show the desired etching. Patterns, text, barcodes, etc.

The so-called fiber laser marking machine refers to the fiber laser used in this marking machine.

The fiber laser has small volume (no water cooling device, air cooling), good beam quality (base mode),
maintenance-free, etc.