How to recognize and mark Arabic language on Ezcad,fiber laser marking machine-Jill

recognize Arabic on Ezcad steps

Nowadays,we have many customers who are from UAE,Saudi Arabia,kuwait.etc.,They want to mark Arabic language with fiber laser marking machine.Therefore,here we introduce the way how to recognize Arabic on Ezcad.

1.Firstly,Arabic font

firstly,if u want to mark Arabic language, this place should be install Arabic.

mark Arabic language
mark Arabic

2.Secondly,plug-in file

Secondly,Right click on the Ezcad software,select property.

And then,you will see  below the picture. put the plug-in in the this file

mark Arabic language
mark Arabic

3.Thirdly,Arabic font

And then, in your Ezcad you must input the Arabic font,also you must copy the Arabic font to the above file.

mark Arabic language
mark Arabic

mark Arabic language on keyboard:

in order to let customers know more,we share videos for your reference:

For keyboard marking,u can also check below article:

More questions just let us know.