Laser drive system: Which one to choose?-Bunny

In this week’s blog, we talk about the differences of the laser drive system in cutting and engraving machines. Namely the gantry system and the galvanometric system. Find out which ones are best for your type of work.

Gantry / Cartesian system

Gantry laser systems, common in CO² gas machines, base on XY motions, moving the laser above the material to be cut or engraved. This system best use for large format applications (600mm or larger) when cutting thicker material substrates. The laser move along the XY axes to the area set for the action.

Galvanometric system

Already the galvanometric laser movement system, the technology base on moving mirrors, similar to those used to create light shows. Mirrors make small angle adjustments to move the stationary laser beam in different directions within a specific cutting or engraving area.

Cutmaker offers a wide range of machines including CO² laser and fiber optic technologies. Enabling you to choose not only the best positioning method but the best type of laser beam. The advantage of the galvo system is the speed. The galvo system can be up to 10 times faster than a gantry system. However, it has a lower desktop limit compared to the gantry system.

Contact one of our vendors to find out which laser engraving cutting machine is ideal for your work, gantry or galvanometric.