Maintenance the laser cutter in summer – Damon

Maintenance the laser cutter

Maintenance the laser cutter is for your reference. As the temperature gradually rises, many laser devices will generate heat during use, resulting in malfunctions. In order to avoid the occurrence of failures, XT laser will introduce some common knowledge of  laser machine maintenance the laser cutter and repair.

●  Avoid fogging

With the advent of summer, the temperature has increased significantly. The humidity has increased. Frequent rains and humid environments can easily cause condensation inside the laser. Separate water cooling controls the laser and the cutting head mostly. So we recommend the user set the laser low temperature all the way to set the water temperature to about 26 degrees. And the cutting head and the fiber all the way to about 30 degrees (depending on the temperature and humidity value). Strictly observe the summer switch machine sequence.



Hot and humid weather will cause the laser power supply and various parts of the laser equipment to appear wet or dew. It causes a variety of failures. And It seriously affects the normal production of users. The normal warranty doesn’t cover improper maintenance failures.

● Maintain the cooling system and cooling water

In summer, when the temperature increases, the working pressure of the cooling system of the laser cutting machine increases. We recommend you to check and maintain the fluorine pressure of the internal press of the cooler before the high temperature comes. In summer, the higher temperature will also accelerate the rate of deterioration of the cooling water. Thus we recommend customers to use regularly distilled water or deionized water. Regularly clean the scale of the water tank. Replace the water and filter element. It will avoid the adhesion of scale in the laser and the pipeline to affect the cooling water flow. And cause high-temperature alarm. Please operate under the professional guidance to clean the limescale.

● Guide rail maintenance

You should clean the guide rail frequently to remove dust and other debris. And you should also ensure to lubricate the transmission part of the equipment. Regular cleaning and lubricating oil can ensure that the machine can be accurately positioned to achieve more accurate cutting and improve product quality.


● Maintenance of control cabinet

Since the dust of the laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder, it is recommended to periodically power off to clean the dust in the electrical cabinet of the laser cutting machine and check the working status of the cooling fan.


● Fan cleaning

If the fan in the machine is used for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of solid dust in the fan, make the fan generate a lot of noise, and it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the suction of the fan is insufficient and the smoke is not smooth, the fan must be cleaned.