How to maintenance the laser cutting machine in the stormy weather?-Cathy

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How to maintenance the laser cutting machine in the stormy weather?-Cathy

Typhoon weather will be accompanied by thunderstorms and windy weather. So laser equipment maintenance must be more preventive, and regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, check and eliminate potential dangers, and prevent the equipment from rain, moisture and lightning. In order to avoid the loss and harm caused to you and your company by storm, XT Laser reminds you to do the following typhoon prevention measures:

1. Add laser safety protection device and power failure protection device.

2. Regular maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment should keep in good working condition.

3. Frequent safety inspections and commissioning to eliminate unsafe factors in mechanical equipment

4. Please pay attention to the weather forecast and take precautions in advance. When going out, please close the doors and windows, turn off the equipment, and remember to turn off the power;

5. When the rainstorm strikes, operator should close the doors and windows. During the thunder and during heavy rain, it is not advisable to use laser cutting machines and other outdoor communication tools. Try not to go online;

6. When the typhoon is coming, it is easy to blow the wind. Please move the items such as the balcony and the outdoor equipment into the room to avoid damage to your equipment.

7. Check whether there is any leakage in the workshop, so as not to affect the equipment, and regularly check the equipment’s place to prevent the water in the ground area, causing unnecessary losses;

8. Moisture-proof: If the environment is not well ventilated and humid, it should be periodically blown with electricity to dehumidify the electronic components in the control cabinet.