Maintenance experience and skills of laser cutting head Vicky


Laser head damage can occur in the following ways:

1. The mechanical structure and circuit components of the laser head no damaged, only the optical channel polluted by oil, dust and water vapor. This is the vast majority of laser head “damage” reasons, in addition, the need for heat or heating to use the machine are such a failure.

2. Aging of light tube and damage of objective Lens.

Laser head washing dish is the killer of laser head. The washing dish equipped with a brush. In addition, the use of hair dryer heating, cigarette or lens paper wipe, alcohol or other Organic Solution Scrub Objective Lens is also a major cause of damage.

3. Physical distortion and circuit damage from other causes.


Failure repair method, objective lens dirt

1, with a cotton swab dipped in pure water wipe; if dirty serious, you can use pure water with detergent soak the whole without a frame bald, rinse and blow dry, this method can clean the lens below the surface.
Is the objective Lens Assembly sinking? Laser aging?

1. First, adjust the objective lens to the correct position and fixed, then the plastic movable bracket of the objective Lens heated by the low temperature block of the hair dryer, then the fixed object removed after natural cooling, and the intact objective lens component is replaced from the same type or similar old bald head; With a new bald head of the same model.

2. Replace the Laser Tube; adjust the power gain adjustable resistor of the Light Tube; replace the New Light Head of the same type. Dirt on the transparent surface of the laser tube and part of the light prism inside


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