How to maintain the laser cutting machine bed-Nancy

How to maintain the laser cutting machine bed-Nancy

How to maintain the laser cutting machine bed-Nancy

Firstly,every other week must check the X-axis guide rail and screw, Y-axis guide rail and screw, Z-axis guide rail and screw lubricant filling, to maintain the lubrication of various moving parts, extend the X, Y, Z-axis guide rail and wire The service life of the bar.

Secondly,Depending on the environmental conditions of the workshop, check the contamination of the mirror and the focusing mirror surface at least once in a month, and clean the optical lens in time to ensure its service life (see the maintenance of optical lenses for details).

Thirdly,Regularly clean up the debris at the exhaust outlet to ensure the effect of ventilation.

Next. Regularly check the filter in the gas path to remove the accumulated water and debris in the filter.

Next. Regularly check whether the travel switch bracket and the bumper bracket screw are loose.

Then. It is necessary to clean the dust on the filter screen of the electric control cabinet ventilation fan in time to ensure good ventilation, so as to facilitate the heat dissipation of internal electrical components.

Then,the bed in time to clear the rail to protect the skin cavity debris, so as not to damage the rail, thus extending the life of the rail.

Finally. After the machine tool is installed, use the machine for a period of time to re-adjust the level of the machine to ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine.

When you run the machine,focus on the correct using,that will extend the machine life time.

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How to maintain the laser cutting machine bed-Nancy

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