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Main features of laser welding machine

Laser welding machine,  is a machine used for laser material processing. According to its working mode, it is divide into laser mold welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, and optical fiber transmission laser welding.

Laser welding uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area. The energy of the laser radiation diffuses into the material through heat conduction, and the material is melt to form a specific molten pool to achieve the purpose of welding.

The laser welding machine is highly automate and the welding process is simple. The non-contact operation method can meet the requirements of cleanliness and environmental protection. Using laser welding machine to process the workpiece can improve work efficiency.

The finished workpiece has a beautiful appearance, small weld seam, large welding depth and high welding quality. Laser welding machines are widely used in dental denture processing, keyboard welding, silicon steel sheet welding, sensor welding, battery sealing cover welding and so on. However, the cost of the laser welding machine is relatively high, and the accuracy requirements for the assembly of the workpiece are also high, and there are still limitations in these aspects.

With the increasing maturity of digital technology, digital welding machines and digital control technology for mobile connection technology in representative offices have steadily enter the market.  The manufacturing of automobiles and parts requires ever-changing welding automation. my country’s welding industry is gradually moving towards “high efficiency, automation and intelligence”.

The welding automation rate in my country is still less than 30%, which is far from the 80% in developed industrial countries. Since the 20th century, countries have gradually promoted the basic welding method of automatic welding in various industries-gas shielded welding, to replace the traditional manual arc welding, which has achieved initial results. It can be predicted that in the future, domestic automated welding technology will develop at an unprecedented speed.

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