Learn more about the Laser welding machine-Phoebe

Learn more about the Laser welding machine

What is the laser welding machine, let us learn more about the Laser welding machine

Learn more about the Laser welding machine, The laser welding machine heat required for welding supply by a tightly focused light beam with a diameter as small as two-thousandths of an inch. Welding conduct by firing a series of short pulses that melt the metal to create a high-quality weld. Depending upon the particular welding task, the filler material may require as with TIG welding. Because the laser beam is tightly focused, heat input is minimized and parts handheld almost immediately.

Learn more about How does laser welding machine works?   

All materials that can weld conventionally also generally weld with laser welding processes.

For quality, speed,  the laser welding system is superior to processes for industrial projects.

Learn more about Laser welding applications:

The properties of laser welding give an advantage over other forms of welding that can exploit in several ways:

  • Precision parts: Lasers are excellent for welding fine and delicate metal components and generating minimal internal stresses due to the minimal heat input.
  • Medical devices: Non-contact welding and no welding splatter ensures hygiene when welding medical devices.
  • Aesthetics: Laser welding finishes are excellent.
  • Solenoids and machined items: Lasers for joining machined components such as solenoids, and create minimal distortion due to the low heat input.
  • Limited access: The non-contact laser beam permits welding in otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Jewelry welding and high-value items: The precise controllability and negligible heating effects make it a good choice for welding high value, high precision parts including precious metals.

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