Learn more about handheld fiber laser welding machine-Ariel

Learn more about handheld fiber laser welding machine

This article is  about learn more about handheld fiber laser welding machine.

Firstly, about the advantages of the welding machine.

  1. Laser welding gun weight is light,easy to move
  2. Compact size , save floor space, easy to move
  3. IPG/Raycus/Maxphotonics laser source, good quality , 100000 hours life span
  4. Environment-friendly , protect operator health
  5. Fashion outlook
  6. wobble welding function
  7. It can welding Stainless steel, middle steel, carbon steel, aluminium sheet, iron plates, brass, steel, galvanized sheet and plates, other sheet metals and metal tubes

Secondly, about the welding ability

Thirdly,how to use the automatic wire feeder

1, install the wire roll, the counterclockwise;

2.pull down these two handle, then pull in the wire

3.release the screw

4.pull in the connector, then tighten the screws

5.connect the power and turn on the machine

6.put the black wire straight (must be straight)

7.release the screw on the nozzle. And press the “Run” until the wire come out from the nozzle.

8.connect the cable with welding machine.

Fourthly, the common questions about the machine

  • Can we adjust the welding speed?

yes, moving speed depend on operator’s hand.

  • Can we adjust the wire speed?

Yes, wire speed can be controlled on feeder.

  • Can we adjust the wattage?

Yes,we can control power output rate on touch screen board.

Other more questions,pls feel free to contact us.

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