Jewelry laser welding machine for gold and silver-lisa

Jewelry laser welding machine for gold and silver

In recent years, Jewelry laser welding machine has been the one of the most hot sale machine.And it have very wide application in jewelry processing,micro tools repairing (thirdly)

Compare with other welding technology,the advantage of jewelry laser welding machine is:

1. Apply to various material,like gold,silver,platinum,titanium,nickel etc.,

2. Small thermal deformation(however)

3. Excellent welding effect

4. No pollution of solder joints ( as soon as)

5. High speed, deep welding depth (for example)

Jewelry laser welding machine application field(finally):

1. Jewelry field: chain repair,ring manufacturing

2. Dental repair (such as)

3. Precision welding for Integrated circuit and high sensitivity tools

4. Medical instruments (as)

5. Clock,glass frame repair ( although)

6. Electronic components

7. Metal artware

1.Jewelry laser welding machine with outside water chiller

This is the oldest laser welding machine type,it is large and heavy,but it stable performance and good welding effect is acknowleged by our customer.(because of)

2.Jewelry laser welding machine with inside water chiller

Compare with oldest one,its welding effect is similar and floor space is much more smaller. since

Power energy is 120J,can work 24 hours straight with fast heat dissipation (not only)

3.Mini Desktop jewelry laser welding machine

Portable type,compact design.because

Power energy is 80J,can work 16 hours straight (secondly)

Jewelry laser welder maintenance(but also):

1.Using distilled water for chiller. Distilled water has no minerals and impurity while purified water and tap water have impurity that would affect cooling system, the worst effect is burn out xenon lamp. as

2.Need to change xenon lamp once every 6 months (moreover)

Need to change distiled water once every 1 month

Need to clear the ceramic cavity every 10 month

3. Maintain working area in a good cleaning by 99% of purity alcohol and cleanroom wiper. (even if)
4. Put the equipment in a place where there is less dust (firstly)

4. The last model is our latest design.

Even it is smaller than mini type, but with the highest configuration, equipped with microscope and CCD camera

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