Laser Source Antifreeze Guide-Teresa

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

Laser Source Antifreeze Guide

The weather is getting colder, in order to prevent the laser from freezing and breaking down, XTlaser reminds you:

Firstly, Please replace the pure waterin the laser chiller with antifreeze in time. (This fault is not covered by the warranty)

Secondly, Adjust the temperature of the laser chiller.Low temperature water is about 27 degrees in summer, 20-22 degrees in winter, 24-25 degrees in spring and autumn. High temperature water is around 30 degrees per year.

Recommend choosing CLARIANT brand

There are two models of antifreeze suitable for laser systems:

1)ANTIFROGENN ethylene glycol—water type (industrial products, toxic tothe human body)

2)ANTIFROGENL propylene glycol—water type(food grade,harmless to humans)

*Note: If you cannot buy the above brands, you can buy car antifreeze.

Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water. And we cannot use it for a long time throughout the year. After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or purified water. And deionized water or purified water must be used as the coolant.

Why choose XTLASER?

We have established a strong foothold in this market due to our optimum quality machines and fully-covered service. Owing to the transparent business dealings and ethical policies, we have been able to win confidence of numerous clients.

Firstly, rich industry experience.

When we was a small factory, we had already put our focus on fiber laser cutting machine, which is not like some other suppliers who turn to laser market when they found the potential.

Secondly, separate R&D department.

This means we are able to offer customized machines for our clients, cater their exclusive demands.

Thirdly, technical supports.

We have offered our machines to over 100 countries and regions, which allow us to accumulate abundant successful experience from our clients. In this way, we are able to offer all kinds technical solution and service.

Fourthly, optimum quality.

All suppliers, cooperating with us, are coming from world-class manufacturers. Each machine, before leaving for our clients, is needed to be tested and inspected for 48 hours (marking machine) and 4-7 days ( cutting machine). Therefore, this allows us to have a fully check on the machine.

Fifthly, timely delivery.

Each machine is arranged with precise assembly steps without any delay. So we can offer you the products in time.

Sixthly, after-sales services and Guarantee.

We offer 2 years warranty, during the period, any problem happen, we are responsible to solve. And if any part of the machine was broken, which happens rarely, we would send you a new one by DHL, and all cost is all on us.

Seventhly, company value:

To create value for the community with laser technology.

Eighthly, our attitude:

We are honest, professional, hardworking and eager to obtain results. We take clients as our partners.

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