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How to choose a fiber laser marking machine

When we buy a machine, we should know what it is at first. We may learn about the marking machine from the following aspects: components, working principles, characteristics, advantages, main indicators and models.

1. Fiber laser source

the element producing laser by the gain medium of glass fiber blended with rare earth element.

therefore, it is the core of a fiber laser marking machine. It has a wide application, such as laser fiber communication, laser space long-distance communication, industrial shipbuilding industry, automotive making etc. There are many domestic brands Raycus, Maxlaser, JPT, FEIBO. The overseas brands include: Coherent, IPG, and SPI.

2. Galvanometer:

galvanometer also can call current meter, as it is totally designed by the way to design the ampere meter, the different is: the needle of ampere meter is replaced by lens; The main application in laser marking, laser engraving etc., currently, the galvanometer applied in fiber laser marking machine is digital type of 10mm facula.

3. Field lens

The other name as field focus lamp, scanning lens, F-θ lens, which is mainly application  for focusing beams produced by galvanometer on a plane.

Warm tips: you should check the marking scope when purchasing the marking machine according to your needs.

It is not necessary to buy a large one or expensive one, you need to buy the most suitable one for you

4. Marking card

The other name is laser control card, laser marking

The application for converting the texts and graphs in computer to analog signal or digital signal and then transmitting it into galvanometer.

5. Red light indicator:

The other name is red light pen, as the 1064nm beam is invisible, while the 650nm beam is visible, the 1064nm beam and 650nm beam are coincided by a beam combiner, 1064nm beam follows the direction of 650nm beam indicating to realize the function indicating the light path. The red light pen is in the red light combiner rack.

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