How to choose the right laser marking machine-Anne

How to choose the right laser marking machine

1. Principle of fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine uses a laser beam at the surface of a variety of materials with a permanent marker.

2. XT LASER Fiber machine Includes desktop style and portable style

Desktop style includes normal desktop type (also called all-in-one type)and sealed type (also called fiber laser marking machine with protective cover).

Portable style includes hand-held type, portable type and mini type.

3. Detail introduction of the each type
a.Desktop type

laser marking machine

This type of machine sales well in the market, it is suitable for clients who want to mark small parts, because the height of lifting pillar is only 47cm. Different scope lens have different focus length, so we need to confirm the focus length of the laser machine.

Note: You can see the machine in the above picture. It does not have a 3D table, we can add it if clients need it.

If needed we can also change the height of the lifting pillar to 80cm. Doing so same machine then can be used to mark big products with high height.


b.Mini enclosed type

fiber laser marking machine

Europe clients will mostly like to choose this type of machine, this type of machine has protective cover & electric lifting pillar, There is also one small window in front of the cabinet through which we can observe the marking process.

For the purpose of protection we have added one function i.e. the machine will not mark when the door is open, this also means marking is only possible when the door will be closed.

The height of box after packing the machine is about the 173cm, so when we have to ship by Air, we need to contact the freight forwarder to check if there is a big cargo plane to carry this machine.

c.hand-held type

laser marking machine

This model suitable for big product which can be held to mark any position of some big and heavy products which can not be moved easily.

d.portable type

laser marking machine

1)portable type fiber laser marking machine size is smaller than mini type ,it can save space and shipping cost .
2)portable type use 3d-working,it has a vertical moving function.This function replaces lifting portable type without lifting pillar.

e.Mini type

laser marking machine

Mini fiber laser marking machine with lifting pillar,adjustable range is larger than 3D working table .

It is most of popular for overseas customer,the small size can save the space and shipping cost.

Hope this information is helpful for you.If you have any questions of laser marking machine ,please feel free contact to us.

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