The advantage of 20w 30w 50w laser marking machine-Anne

The advantage of 20w 30w 50w laser marking machine

What is difference between 20w,30w and 50w laser marking machine ?However,how do you to choose a suitable machine for your work ?

Today,XT LASER will introduce more details to you.

20w fiber laser marker

the most hot selling system by lowest price advantage. Especially on plastic and hard metals, it occurs perfect results. automotive, packing, kitchenware equipment, hand tools sectors are main ways preferred on XTC-FP20

30w fiber laser marking machine

suitable for job shops and people who needs more power. One upper level then marking towards cutting. Especially for cutting, this is the first machine fits your requirement to cut.

laser marking machine

50w fiber laser marking machine

do deep engraving, micro cutting, marking and 3D engraving perfect. Mostly preferred by jewelry sector, F 50 creates 40% more effective results according to its competitors. One of the fastest model in market.

laser marking machine

Hope this information is helpful for you.If you have any questions of machine,please contact to us.

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