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Causes And Solutions For Power Decline Of Laser Marker

Laser marking machine belongs to the professional industrial processing equipment, which is prone to emergencies for a long time.

For example, many users find that the power of laser marking machine has decreased. There are many reasons for the power decline of laser marking machine. There are eight common reasons. Here, XT LASER  briefly introduce the related problems and solutions.

If 1. Reasons: The position and direction of the beam mirror are inaccurate.

so Solution: Adjust the position of beam expander.

if 2. Reason: The workpiece surface is not on the focus plane.

if Solution: Adjust workpiece surface to focus.

so 3. Reason: Marking speed is too fast.

Solution: Slow down marking speed properly.

so 4. Cause: The voltage of laser power supply drops, resulting in the decrease of laser output power.

if Solution: Power supply needs to be replaced.

if 5. Reasons: There are stains on lenses and lenses.

so Solution: Clean or replace.

so 6. Reasons: The service life of the equipment is too long.

if Solution: A new laser needs to be inflated or replaced.

if 7. Reason: The laser that enters the galvanometer deviates from the center.

so Solution: Adjust the laser.

so 8. Reason: The optical system is inaccurate.

if Solution: To adjust the position of laser or beam expander, the incident light should be in the center of the aperture of the beam expander and the output light should be in the center of the aperture.

Laser marker maintenance, maintenance, some operations need professional and technical personnel to complete, do not disassemble maintenance, otherwise not only damage the performance of equipment, but also may cause damage to operators

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