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Laser mark technology for electronic components

With the fast development of the electronic technology. The speed of upgrading of the electronic products are becoming quicker and quicker.

Therefore, the electronic manufacturing enterprises need to provide more cost-benefit products to the market at a faster speed. A complete set of data traceability system must establish for the product from storing, manufacturing, inspecting to delivering, so as to realize the internal control of the product quality. In order to realize the product traceability, have to make character or bar code identifications on the product.  Thus endowing the product with the unique “ID Card”.

At present, most electronic products, such as the main board of the mobile phone, computer and other key elements have identifications of traceable information.

At the present stage, It’s adopted the ink label paper to stick on the product. However, such a mean has many problems, big amount of consumables, high pollution, high labor cost, the marks are easy to eliminate and so on. Aimed at such condition, replacing the label paper by the laser mark code has become a tendency of the industry. With the automatic PCB laser mark machine, matrix code, can mark  two-dimension barcode and character, pattern and other information can on the printing circuit board and the relevant components.

The laser mark machine integrates the high-performance CO2/Fiber light source and high-pixel CCD camera.

Combined with the micron-level mobile module, the automatic positioning before coding as well as the automatic code interpreting. And assessing after coding will get realized. Through special software, this device can realize connecting with the customer information system. The marked information can generate with the software system automatically and can received through the internet. It can coordinated with the online operation of the SMT production line. Furthermore, it can also cooperate with the automatic up and down trigger to constitute the off-line operation station.

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