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How Laser Engraving Works

Learn specifically how it works. Several types of lasers can be used for this process, so we will discuss general laser engraving. We have detailed information about fiber lasers, and the types we manufacture are as follows.

At the beginning of the process, you first need to determine the type of design or engraving you want to create. You can then create this design using a graphics program on your computer that links to the laser system you are using.

By entering commands into your computer, the system will begin to engrave the material you are using based on your design. It will process your material line by line, removing only the layers of the laser sighting material. Shows how a laser device can engrave stainless steel to a depth of 0.2mm or 1.5mm.

Since it is a non-contact process, the rest of the area around the material is not affected.

A laser beam full of energy and heat will melt and evaporate the area it is aiming at. It will not cause wear around the rest of the material, and it is very environmentally friendly because the small amount of waste left behind is harmless.

Leave a noticeable contrast because multiple layers of material appear in the underlying color. The greater the power used by the laser, the deeper the engraving will be. This is a fast and efficient process as the material evaporates with each pulse.


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