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Laser and Electrical Safety of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Safety Notice of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The laser will injure human body, especially the eyes and skin. Any part of human body will be

burnt in case of laser radiation. So it’s necessary to avoid placing any part of human body in the flight

path of fiber laser cutting machine to avoid damage resulting from misoperation.

2.2.1 Eye and skin protection

In the process of laser processing, CO2, YAG, FIBER and optical maser are generally used.

However, different kinds of lasers will incur different damages to human body. YAG laser may damage retina

of eyes. Because YAG laser wavelength is with high transmissivity to eyes, it has bigger hazard.

Major Hazard of CO2 laser involves burn to cornea. Major Hazard of high-power FIBER optical

maser involves burn to skin. Exposure of above-mentioned three lasers likely results in cataract and

burn to skin. Therefore, at the time of laser adjustment, it’s necessary to take corresponding

measures as per laser category also

2.2.2 Fire Protection

Oxygen is often used at the moment of laser cutting processing, spark splashes at the time of cutting

and oxygen is easy to result in fire. Therefore, no flammable or combustible articles could be put in

the workspace; simultaneously relevant containment facilities shall be provided.


Electrical Safety of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  1. a) No wet hand could touch any switch so as to avoid electric shock. Locations labeled with

lightning signs on the machine tool indicate HV electric appliance or electrical element herein, so

the operator must be careful to avoid electric shock when approaching or maintaining

these locations. For example: Protective cover of servo motor, junction box behind the column,

machine tool transformer cabinet and electrical cabinet door, too.

  1. b) Please read over the machine tool manual and electrical schematic diagram for knowing

functions and operational approaches of corresponding keys well.

  1. c) Don’t randomly open electrical cabinet door, forbid set machine tool parameters, servo

parameters and potentiometer changed in private (matching with pallet changer) For any

changes if required, it shall be performed by an accepted professional who has been trained by the

device manufacturer. Should record the parameters for future original state restoration before changingParameters, before changes if necessary.

  1. d) For laser for processing, general power supply voltage varies from thousands of volts to tens of thousands of volts and it’s necessary to prevent x-ray damage incurred by electron tube under optical maser high voltage and high voltage. as well as
  1. e) Do not touch active components and elements in the electrical cabinet under a power-up state,

including: Numerical control device, servo device, transformer and fan.

Cautions! Do not touch the terminal until more than 5 minutes waited after power disconnection.

Because high voltage is left between power line terminals within a period of time after outage, don’t touch immediately to avoid electric shock!

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