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6 factors will influence the effect of laser deep penetration welding

Deep penetration, or deep penetration welding.Common for welding thicker materials with high laser power.

In deep penetration welding, the lasers are focused together to create a very high power density on the workpiece.

In fact, the spot where the laser beam is focused will vaporize the metal, causing a blind hole (ie, deep penetration) to appear in the molten metal pool. The metal vapor pressure will block the surrounding molten metal, so that the blind hole is always open during the welding process.

The melt at the vapor-melt boundary and deep-melt hole walls will absorbed laser power.

The focused laser beam and deep penetration holes move continuously along the welding trajectory.

The welding material melts in front of the deep penetration hole and solidifies again at the back to form a weld.

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The factors that affect the effect of laser deep penetration welding are:

1.Laser power density

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The premise of deep penetration welding is to focus the laser spot so that it has a sufficiently high power density, so the laser power density has a decisive influence on the weld formation. Laser power controls both penetration depth and welding speed. For a laser beam of a certain diameter, when increase the laser power, the penetration get more  deep and the welding speed get more accelerate.

There is generally a critical value for the laser power to reach a certain welding penetration. When it is reach critical value, the molten pool boils violently, and when exceed it , the penetration depth will decrease sharply. In addition, due to the action of metal vapor, small holes will form in the molten pool, and the small holes are the key to the realization of deep penetration welding.

The focal spot power density is not only proportional to the laser power, but also related to the laser beam and focusing optical path parameters.

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2. Welding speed

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During deep penetration welding, the welding speed is inversely proportional to the penetration. and when maintain  laser power , if  increase the welding speed, it will reduce the heat input  and the penetration depth.

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3. Focus position

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In deep penetration welding, to maintain sufficient power density , the focus position is critical.so laser welding machine .

The change of the relative position of the focal point and the workpiece surface directly affects the width and depth of the weld.

Only when the focal point is located at a suitable position in the workpiece surface can the obtained weld be formed into a parallel section and obtain the maximum penetration depth.

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