Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Laser Deep Carving Vicky

In the application of molds, signs, hardware accessories, advertising boards, car license plates and other products, the traditional corrosion process will not only bring environmental pollution. But also low efficiency. Conventional process applications such as machining, such as metal waste and coolant, can also cause environmental pollution. Although the efficiency improve, the accuracy is not high and the acute angle cannot engrave. Compared with the traditional way of deep metal carving. Laser metal deep carving has the advantages of no pollution. high precision, flexible engraving content. And can meet complex engraving techniques.

Common materials for metal deep carving include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, precious metals, etc. Now, Raycus engineer will conduct high-efficiency deep carving parameters research for different metal materials.

Through the above test, the optimal defocus amount of RFL-100M in deep carving of different materials obtained. Therefore, we use the optimal amount of defocus to change the pulse width and corresponding frequency in the initial parameters, and the other parameters unchanged. This is mainly because the RFL-100M laser has a corresponding fundamental frequency for each pulse width.

When the frequency is lower than the corresponding fundamental frequency, the output power is lower than the average power. When the frequency is higher than the corresponding fundamental frequency, the peak power reduced. The carving test needs to use the pulse width and the maximum capacity to test, so the test frequency is the fundamental frequency. The fundamental frequency corresponding to each pulse width is: 240 ns, 100 kHz, 160 ns, 105 kHz, 130 ns, 119 kHz, 100 ns, 144 kHz, 58 ns, 179 kHz, 40 ns, 245 kHz, 20 ns, 490 kHz, 10 ns, 999 kHz. The deep carving test was carried out by the above pulse and frequency, and the test results are shown in Fig. 2.

Through the above tests, we get the best process parameters for the deep carving of different metal materials for using

Laser Deep Carving