Laser cutting is widely used, how to solve the smoke and dust?–Winnie

Laser cutting machine treatment method:

1. Exhaust air treatment:

The exhaust treatment of laser cutting machines is generally only for local operations, such as the use of general ventilation facilities for the fix position of the operator, so that local work sites are not contaminate by harmful substances, but the effect of this method is very low because Laser cutting fume and harmful gases use air as the medium and sweep from the source to the entire production environment.

2. Comprehensive ventilation:

Comprehensive ventilation includes natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. In foreign countries, natural ventilation is generally use for outdoor CNC cutting operations or open space CNC cutting. For indoor operations, mechanical ventilation is usually use, and the axial flow installe on the wall or ceiling. The fan exhausts the welding smoke from the workshop to the outside, or recycles it in the workshop after being purified by a purifier, so as to reduce the smoke concentration in the workshop.

3. Industrial dust collector soot treatment:

In the processing process, a suitable smoke purifier is use to effectively treat the smoke and dust. This is also the current method that meets national environmental protection requirements. A dust collection hood is set under the laser cutting workbench to collect dust from the industrial dust collector through the pipeline Inside the box, the smoke and dust generated by cutting will basically not be swept into the processing workshop, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the workpiece, but also guarantees the health problems of the workers.