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Laser cutting process on metal-Since the birth of the laser, the industry has expressed great interest in its excellent performance. And it has achieved its application. The metal processing industry accounts for the majority. Laser applications have been in the metalworking industry for decades. For a long time, in the field of metal cutting, fiber laser cutting machines dominate. In recent years, the medium-power metal fiber laser cutting machine introduced by domestic laser equipment manufacturers. And it has won wide recognition in the market and gradually occupied the domestic metal cutting machine market.

One of the great advantages of laser cutting machines in metal processing is that. They offer unparalleled flexibility to machine metal parts of different shapes and sizes without the need for molds. Laser cutting process on metal-Any creative idea can realize and fast processed into a finished product by the fiber laser cutting machine. In the industrial field, laser cutting machines have become the common choice of many industries.

Appliance industry

Home appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., are update soon. There are many non-standard products.The incomparable flexibility of laser cutting machines for metal processing meets this need just right. For example, compared with the traditional sheet metal processing requirements, the processing of electrical sheet metal parts by metal laser cutting machine not only saves the mold cost, labor cost, time cost and so on. But also greatly improves the precision of the sheet metal parts, making the exquisite burr-free. More importantly, in the era when this product is king, high-efficiency production and processing of parts is conducive to faster market opportunities.


Elevator manufacturing industry

Elevators are basically belong to small-volume custom products. Its interior decoration is also very different. Therefore there are many kinds of elevator sheet metal parts. The traditional processing methods have long mold opening period, complicated programming, high requirements on operators and other factors. At the same time, the fiber laser cutting machine is highly automated and intelligent, and can flexibly respond to various production tasks, effectively reducing the labor intensity of the operators, optimizing the production process flow, and improving the automation level of the production management of the elevator manufacturing workshop.

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Advertising industry

The advertising industry has upgrade in a fast speed, and the fiber laser cutting material has the characteristics of flexibility and quickness. In order to meet the needs of the advertising industry, the fiber laser cutting machine can be performed quickly by software. At the same time, through reasonable typesetting, laser cutting machine can make great use of materials. The cost of metal sheets is high, and saving production materials will undoubtedly save the company a lot of expenses and prevent waste, especially suitable for the processing needs of the advertising industry.



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