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Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchen and Bathroom Industry-Teresa

Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchen and Bathroom Industry

Recently, metal sheet laser cutting machine become more and more popular. It has a high market value. Its application covers many different industries, such as automobile industry, elevator manufacturing industry, furniture industry, etc. Therefore, metal sheet laser cutter plays a significant role in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

The kitchen and bathroom products mainly include cupboards, lampblack machines, microwave ovens, ovens, disinfecting cabinets, vegetable washing pools, refrigerators, electric cookers, cooking ranges, gas water heaters, etc., as well as some household products such as flower showers, faucets, shower rooms, mop pools, etc.

In the market, the high-end kitchen and bathroom products are generally stainless steel sheet metal panels with thickness less than 3mm. There are many kinds of sheet metal parts. Many stainless steel sinks, washbasins and floor drains are processed by sheet metal laser cutting machines. In the process of cutting processing, they do not have high requirements for cross-section. And they also will be polished. Generally, the cutting thickness of the washbasin is 0.6-1mm, and the floor drain thickness is less than 5mm.

Many manufacturers use metal laser cutting machine, it has fast processing speed, high efficiency and simple operation. easy cutting various shapes of plates, and without any change of mold or tool, shortens the preparation time cycle, and save a lot of consumable costs and labor costs.

Moreover, the application of metal sheet laser cutting machine simplifies the processing technology and process at a higher level. It has a short production cycle and does not need to make mold. Also it does not have stamping when processing kitchen and sanitary products, no burr on the processing surface, does not need secondary processing, and can quickly achieve mass production.

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