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laser cleaning machine application in metal sheet welding

For the treatment of materials before welding, the traditional method is generally grinding or treatment with chemicals. These methods can damage the substrate or pollute the environment. As a non-contact environmentally friendly cleaning method, the laser cleaning machine application provides a solution to the strict requirements of today’s metal parts welding. The laser system can remove oxides and contaminants.

Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning machines have some unique advantages. Such as optimize surface conditions for welding, remove oxides, and improve corrosion resistance.

The advantages of laser cleaning machine application in metal sheet welding are:

1. Firstly,Non-contact cleaning.

Laser cleaning technology does not contact the surface of material and can be used to clean components of various shapes, solving the problem of complex curved surface processing.

2. Secondly,No damage to the substrate.

After cleaning the surface contaminants, it does not damage the substrate or the product.

3. Thirdly,Comprehensive function

The fiber laser cleaning machine can not only remove rust, oil, oxide layer and other substances attached to the metal surface, but also remove dust and impurities. It can also handle welds efficiently, including welding pretreatment, which is both efficient and time-saving.

4. Fourthly,Partial cleaning.

The laser beam can adjust the spot size to precisely clean specific parts of the metal surface.  It can also adjust the laser intensity to thoroughly clean adhesives of various strengths.

5. Environment protecting.

The impurities can be directly recovered by dust extraction. There will be no noise, no waste solution, and no secondary pollution.


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