The difference between the IPG and Raycus laser source

Some clients are confused, what is Raycus? What is the difference between the IPG and Raycus laser source? In the next step, you will know.

IPG laser source: (better quality, better beam quality)

Most of us are familiar with IPG (Germany Brand), best-selling laser source among overseas markets. It is the leader in the development and manufacture of high performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for various applications in numerous markets. We can use IPG Photonics’ various lines of low, medium and high power lasers and amplifiers in many industries. For example, materials processing, communications, entertainment, medicine, biotechnology, science and advanced applications.

Raycus (stable quality)

However, Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd is the first Chinese company engaged in the research. They development and scale production of high power fiber lasers and devices Core and the largest R + D fiber laser and production base with a global influence in China. Besides it has a first-class international fiber laser and key device research and development team. It includes three experts listed in the Thousand Talents scheme and plenty of internationally leading proprietary technologies. The fiber lasers produced by the company represent 30% of the domestic market share. This is because we export these machines to Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and other regions.

In conclusion, Price: IPG> Raycus

Both have great stability and a very long time, while the price is cheaper than Raycus IPG in the same condition.

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