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keyboard laser marking machine

We have many customers buy laser engraving machine to mark on keyboard.But many customers  still do not  how to choose suitable keyboard laser engraving machine.We would share more info in this article.

1.First,as for the machine model

In the laser marking machinemarket,there is mini portable,mini-enclosed,desktop model.Euraopean customers would like to choose mini-enclosed model.Indian customers would liek to choose desktop model.Besides,mini portable is the best seller.With small size,it can save room and shipping cost.

2.Secondly,as for the laser type

We suggest the fiber laser,which is socially used in the keyboard industry.

As for fiber,there are two kinds:fiber Raycus and fiber mopa

3.How to choose?fiber is better ?or mopa?

In order to give best suggestion,when u buy the machine,u need to tell us the keyboard info

1)Waht is the keyboard brand? 2)laptop or desktop?  3)Black,white or silver color?  4)backlight or not?

Especially for keyboard marking,there are many kinds of materials.Different material,different marking result.

4.Raycus for backlight Max keyboard

If ur keyboard is only backlight model,such as Mac Air A1466,etc.30w or 50w Raycus is okay.50w with 300*300mm lens is the best choice.If budget is not enough,30w is also okay,but as for 30w with 300*300mm lens ,the marking speed would be a little slow.

Here share u the videos

Raycus for Mac:

5.Mopa for others

Besides that,mopa is the best choice for u.Especially when u want to mark white color on black color.If u want to use Raycus,the marking effect may be a little with gray or yellow color,instead of white.Acccording to our experience ,30wmopa can achieve a good outcome.

If use Raycus,here is the video:

U can see,the effect is not good with yellow color

If use mopa,here is the video:

6.Difference between Raycus and mopa

In order to let you know more about the mopa and Raycus laser,here share you the difference:
MOPA laser and Raycus or IPG laser are both 1064nm wavelength laser beam.
1)MOPA laser source is Pulse width (2ns-250ns)  and Pulse frequency (1-1000HZ) , so MOPA laser is more flexible.
2)Raycus laser is Normal Q-Switched laser source,  Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed.
Pulse width 90-130 ns,repetition frequency 30-100 kHz.

When marking on the plastics,such as pvc and keyboard,the mopa effect is more delicate and can not make the black plastic become yellow and gray.
That’s why we suggest you mopa marking machine.

More questions ask us freely

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