Is cutting machine price more low more good?-Nancy

Is cutting machine price more low more good?-Nancy

Is cutting machine price more low more good?-Nancy

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Is cutting machine price more low more good?

Because I found many customers inquire machines, their points focus on price mainly, even few customers don’t check machine configurations before asking low price.

This is reason why I want to discuss this point seperately.

Normally one machine price=Machine cost+Added value.

Machine cost we can understand easily, the Added value includes the service.

Firstly, the machine cost.

We know the machine price mainly depends on the machine quality, its configurations.

Good quality and famous brand parts is always with high price.

Secondly, the machine Added value.

Service is a very widely concept, many customers may think there is no big difference.

As many customers told me: All other suppliers also tell me the same service.

Yes, we can understand, before customers receiving the machine, it is not fully to feel the service good or bad.

But, it is not “not at all” fell the service.

On the one hand, you can check the customers’ feedback about the suppliers service, including pre-service, in-service, and after-sale service.

On the other hand, from talking with the supplier’s staff, you also can find.

Except above, you also can check the iterms they give.

Such as XTLASER provide free repaire and change parts once any parts broken if it is not human factor within warranty, and all the express shipping cost XTLASER will bear all.

So when we purchase one machine, can not only check the price and quality.

Finding one sutiable machine is own budget and with good quality and service is good purchase.

It is not means to pursuit low price always.

Each machine and each supplier’s machine’s Positioning is not same. May you think that supplier’s good is better, then you take the same configurations to ask another supplier.

We should know every manufacturer has their own design department and technology solution, it is better to check the machine each configuration and the service whether match the price. This is one important step.

Hope above info let you know more.


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