Introduction of UV laser marking machine-Ariel

Introduction of UV laser marking machine

This article is about introduction of UV laser marking machine.

There are many laser types,like fiber laser, MOPA laser, UV laser ,Co2 laser and green laser.Every laser has his advantages.Today we will introduce UV laser marking machine to you.Nowadays more and more people choose UV laser marking machine.Because it has high efficiency, less material consumption and permanent marking.

First the theory of this model. We use the laser beams to permanently mark different surfaces of matter.  The marking effect is the direct breaking of the molecular chain by the short-wavelength laser. Thus the machine can mark on the material.

Second the advantage of this model. The ultraviolet laser has a very small focusing spot and a small heat-affected zone. Therefore it can fastly mark. And it is customer’s first choice for marking effect. Because it will not produce the thermal effect and the material don’t have the burning problem. And it has fast marking speed,high efficiency, stable performance and small size.

Thirdly it is especially suitable for the high-end market of ulta-fine processing. For example, the surface marking of packaging bottles of cosmetics,medicines, foods and other materials. And it marks clearly and firmly.It can also mark in the flexible PCB, scribing,silicon wafer microhole, glass surface drilling,material surface marking,electronic components,gifts, communication equipment,building materials and so on.


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